celebrity SKIN meets photographer NIKOL BARTZOKA again..and again...and again

lets face it,,u cant have the same energy and the same results with all the photographers..
nikol is simply amazing.i know her for years.from the days of being a stylist,hundreds years ago.
..for celebrity skin her editorials were described only by one world..MAGIC..
the pictures are from our last editorial entitled EXISTENCE

hair and make up by our friend and super talented matthew allatsatianos

in 2 hours nikol created pure miracles
...just like that,so imagine how happy i am that we ll work together tommorow for a new project..



....celebrity skin worked with a young new talented photographer  fillipos hatzis//
he is extremely good,funny .we adore his english speaking and he is also very
low profile even though he is handsome..soon u ll see all the material,,koutsounba marina did the make up and in berlin tzako the hair..the location was a spooky basement and we really made all the possible ghost imitations of  all the known horror movies ...danae tselou make up artist and friend dropped by and gave us her interpretation of the sixth sense movie..the last shoot was done in complete darkness..


backstage from BARE editorial

sunday,morning and all the team is ready again to create strong intense pictures ,using for the first time 3 new dresses from our upcoming collection entitled CEMETERIAL PURITY,the location was the white basement of IN BERLIN,koniari 45,ampelokhpoi,the photographer was my lovely friend fenia lampropoulou..sophia kyriakidou ,the model was such a pleasure,we enjoyed working with her,i know her for ages and although we have worked in hundreds of fashion shows ,we rarely meet in photoshootings,
marina koutsoumba .better known as katoumba did the minimal based make up and the amazing white gloved hands and tzako did the hair..our beloved fashion blogger LIFE FULL OF FASHION was near us and watched the whole experience,the most exciting thing was that we werent the only ones shooting in that building.Petros hatzianastasiou a new and very talented photographer was shooting EVELINA LITINAS new collection on the TOP OF THE ROOF,make up by katerina theoharis model christina sidera,,,stay tuned,,


new star on me...by MR INK of course

a new star tatoo on me
i couldnt resist doing it and the artist behind it is MR INK,it only took 25 minutes and i am so happy and proud of it/
soon eleni mparla,my kid,the other half of CELEBRITY SKIN will follow me..


akiss paraskeyopoulos/celebrity skin..CRUELLLLL

Akiss always manages to give to celebrityskin more sensual and sexy feeling than the usual sexless look we reprenend,and we the help of katerina kontogiorgou in the make up and hair the result is strong powerfull pictures...in this editorial mparlaki ...eleni mparla was in gharge of the look,,stay tuned..dare to wear...

Celebrity Skin in Berlin,,the dress in new adventures

that this dress is avalaible to the public eye,after the first time being in the  AXDW concept store in METROPOLIS,this time its in BERLIN the super art hair instalation place by panagioths tzako..the owner has an incredible good vibe and the place has a modern minimal attidude,and its near to metro ampelokhpoi...
create a super hair style.see and read art and fashion magazines,touch a celebrity skin item from the Immortal extravaganza collection,,,


the odd designers,,,

celebrity SKIN are dimitris strepkos and eleni mparla
we were working together for years as stylists before we decided to become designers
everything started one year ago
stay tuned....
ozon editorial march 2010.
photo c.karantzolas
make up/hair e.perdikomath


my favourite china girl by c,karantzolas..make up by k.kontogiorgou...
its minimal..its me...
i love the dress and the energy of the movement

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