With my good friend and upcoming photogrpher Fenia Lambropoulou we did a couple of shootings,SIMPLICITY and PALE...
we tried to create someting fresh ,brand and inovative and used for this purpose clothes and items that my students from the fashion school that i teach

in berlin was the location,katerina kontogiourgou did the make up] .by the way she is lookins more sexy than ever]panagiotis tzako did the hair and i had as a stylling assistant r n b diva and so funny student  chrysso paraskeya,stay tuned for more...


SEXY VANESSA in celeBRitY SKin mood..

dare to weAR,,,
...dare to read...sexy model vanessa pitsikali wanted to get iside the celebrity skin mood and try something different from the so used sexy style...she is a real friend of mine and so the time has arrived for a change
marina koutsoumba also known as the artist with the name katoumba did the make up and panagiotis tzako did the 2 hairstyles ,the first beeing a simple straight classic model hairdo and the second one a more spooky approach
the devil wears all the brands....
george chrysochoides who is now an established theatrical photographer in thessaloniki did the editorial
one thing ,,,the girl is so funny,,,i mean it...


Photographer PANOS PARISIS meets CELEBRity SkiN

from the collecTion IMMORtal ExTRaVAGnza parisis helped us creating an unreal enviroment
where strange divas live.breathe and wear our bizzare outfits.the make up was done as nude as possible by make up artist and friend DAnae TSElou .the location was the office of Parisis,we only needed 2 hours to create this effect and we totally lov ed the grey meleancholic destruction point of view that it took at the end,,


nikol bartzoka/m.alatsatianos/con.bez/Celebrityskin backstage shooting

a sneak preview from the amazing shooting....

as u can see nikol bartzoka,make up artist costantinos bez ,hair by.mathaios alatsatianos and celebrity skin new outfit is the right combination... stay tuned



elena psoma is a make up guru.we work together for ant1 metamorfwsh,sometimes we have elena sometimes we have katerina kontogiorgou ].another rising make up artist
.elena is a friend/,a sexy mother of a living doll./an amazing image maker in photoshootings and a p.r master,she knows everyone in the fashion industry

we never stop talking  or having a great time...and when its time to work ,we work as hard as possible

elena is now woeking with alpha and is in gharge for the make up of Roula koromhla
u can meet her at her studio in kolwnaki,,,dont waste your time,,change


Celebrity skin at Gossip.tv.gr//3 may 2010

it was the second time that celebrity skin went to the funiest and only real fashion programme..
vasso kolida and stella giampoura were not strangers to me..i know them well as models and as friends
but now they host their own very fashion tv programme...i am so happy for them

I arrived tired and in a mess .thank god the make up artist did miracles with his hands
and look at the girls...simply amazing
we talked about fashion week and athens xlusive designers week ,,we showed parts of christoforos kotentos/vrettos vrettakos/celebrity skin/aslanis catwlks..it was all about fashion.designers,buyers.trends
,,no gossip,no badcomments...pure FASHION,,,i really enjoyed it.the girls are realfashion addicted and have only possitive energy,,,.and a small secret,,vasso kolida was wearing an amazing outfit of our beloved friend and designer THEIA...