Celebrity skin at Gossip.tv.gr//3 may 2010

it was the second time that celebrity skin went to the funiest and only real fashion programme..
vasso kolida and stella giampoura were not strangers to me..i know them well as models and as friends
but now they host their own very fashion tv programme...i am so happy for them

I arrived tired and in a mess .thank god the make up artist did miracles with his hands
and look at the girls...simply amazing
we talked about fashion week and athens xlusive designers week ,,we showed parts of christoforos kotentos/vrettos vrettakos/celebrity skin/aslanis catwlks..it was all about fashion.designers,buyers.trends
,,no gossip,no badcomments...pure FASHION,,,i really enjoyed it.the girls are realfashion addicted and have only possitive energy,,,.and a small secret,,vasso kolida was wearing an amazing outfit of our beloved friend and designer THEIA...