RED BULL AwARdS /kollegio athinwn/psyxiko/monday/7/6/010

lelektra with skin/mparlitsa going to the event...we shared the taxi and the cab driver was a lunityyyy...the show as hosted by the amazing actor and so funny guy vasilis haralapopoulos
what can i say about the diva himself Takis zaharatos;;;;
tolis skoulariotis and lelectra presented the award for BEST COSTUME...who won it;;
my own student and funny girl  GINA /well done/KOUROUMALI
matisse rocked the stage...they have the potential for worldwide succeesssss,,at the after party we drunk tons of RED BULL and danced with the winner./possed with the one and only TOLIS....perfect evening
lst one my favourite picture of ALEX OF MATISSE